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Hello and Welcome!!!  Some of you know Me...some of you don't...YET.  My name is Nikki Fierce.  I am known for my creative roleplaying, infamous excruciatingly strong python like scissors, text book application of wrestling submissions and holds, my high energy and endurance, and of course my ability to deliver an epic, safe, and technical KNOCK OUT.  (See HERE for more details on Sessions).  Now, before I scare you off, I won't KO you UNLESS you want me too.  I don't always play fair, ::wink:: but I respect your limitations.  Let's just say, I definitely know what I am doing in that department!


I am tremdously strong for my size, lean and fit, and train in different modalites everyday.  I am classy, professional, fiesty, chatty, fun, and love to play!  This is my HOME and where I thrive.  You will know from the start that I thoroughly love this game.  You will fall in love with my smile as I pin you down and look into your eyes and FORCE you to feel how strong and superior I truly am.  I love to make you squirm and own you with my mind and body.  Ever been tied up before?  If not, you will be soon through the art of PHYSICAL bondage...what I call "Wrestling with Nikki."  Your body will be used against you and you won't see it coming.  I will OWN you.  I will work you over til "I" decide you've had too much! 


My background is in competitive gymnastics, classical and contemporary dance, Ashtanga and Hot Yoga, acting, fight/stunt choreography, Pro wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, cycling, Aerial circus arts (acro/dance in the air, Cirque du Solei style), and pole dance/acrobatics.  I am part Athlete, part Artist, part Dominant Goddess, and part Girl Next Door. 


What sets me apart from the rest is I am a highly intuitive being and feed off your energy.  I love and deeply connect to the psychological element of the session.  I guide the session along but expect the unexpected!  I will tailor the session to your speed and interests but will intertwine some of my own tricks into the mix!  I am proficient in many different styles of wrestling, beatdowns, martial arts, boxing/belly punching, scissor sessions, and of course having my gorgeous 7.5 feet worshipped.  I can even combine all the above for YOUR Session of a Lifetime.


Want to learn more??  Check out my Sessions Page.  Are you READY???



"My vision starts to clear and my ability to focus returns.  The disorientation slowly leaves.  All sense of time is lost.  My view of this beautiful face and body somehow calms me as I remember where I am and acknowledge in my mind that the same beautiful face and body just knocked me out.  Her smile is one you'll never forget- after an experience - parts of which you'll never remember." --D.S.

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