Hello Victim...


My name is Nikki and I hail orginally from Chicago.  I moved to Los Angeles in 2008 and have made it my home.  Many people ask me how I got into this crazy life and I will say that I started very young.  :)  As an avid pro wrestling fan, I would wrestle around with the neighborhood boys and we would try to emulate what we saw on TV.  Its amazing I have never broken anything!  But I think years of gymnastics and dance really shaped my body awareness.  I was always quite mischevious.  I remember tying one of my "boyfriends" up to my T-ball stand by wrapping the ball on the cord around him and knotting it in.  When I was finished, I pushed him over and laughed at him.  I don't think he liked that very much.  We were 7.  Some things never change.


In the early 2000's I started working as a Dominatrix in a studio in Chicago.  I did many different types of

sessions there but the one's that I really enjoyed the most were the most physical and that's how I was

introduced to the world of sessions wrestling.  I remember my very 1st wrestling session, I had NO clue

what I was doing but I had a blast!  I think my ATTITUDE was perfect for it.  From there, I learned as much

as I could.  I started to train in Pro Wrestling and then eventually BJJ.  I love every aspect of Sessions

Wrestling from the psychological side, to the sheer utter dominance of it and using my body as the perfect

weapon.  What can I say.  Its HOT and I LOVE IT!  Its such a unique experience.  I've always been a little



I love hearing stories on how people got into this.  It can be quite surreal at times.  Like...Is this really my

life??  :)  Good thing I'm in love with it. 


I am a naturally happy person.  I am very balanced and nourish my body/mind with good quality whole

foods and practice yoga regularly.  I read A LOT and don't watch too much tv.  I take my dog out for long

hikes in the canyon, love to hit the beach, and bikeride down the boardwalk.  I love curling up to a good

movie.  Dance is my background and I love all styles of it.  I particularly LOVE to swing dance and I enjoy

live music.  I'm a foodie and have been mostly Vegatarian for 15 years but I do have the occassional fish. 

I love dark chocalate, red wine, and avocados.  I still love Pro Wrestling!


When I work out, it's a combo of TRX Weight Training, Spinning, Aerial Acrobatics/Dance, and Yoga. 

These all account for my strength and high flexibility.  (You need both).  Here's a fun fact about me.  I grew an

inch in the last few years.  No joke!  I blame yoga.  My current stats are 5"4, 117 lbs, blue eyes, strawberry

blonde hair.


I am available for private sessions, fetish and wrestling video work, photoshoots, sporting events, phone/

skype/email sessions, and dinner sessions. 


I love to travel and explore.  Suffice to say, I'm very adventurous.  I go to Burning Man every year and its

the best thing ever.  I'm not a Diva...I'm actually quite down to earth but am naturally dominant when we

play.  I believe this is our one life on this earth, make it count.  Make an impact.  Aim high, don't settle, and

Love HARD.  Hope to see you on the mats!!



                              Nikki Fierce