"The Official (JET)Blacklist of Nikki Fierce"   WARNING: STAY AWAY


Being a Sessions Wrestler is, for the most part, very fun and rewarding.  As you can see from my site and if you have ever seen me in Video, or have had the pleasure of sessioning with me, you can tell I love this.  Mostly due to how amazing you guys and gals are!  You guys make it fun for me.  (Thank You.)  But there is usually a dark side to the light and hence why I decided to start this page as my JET Blacklist.  Not just any old Blacklist, but this is times 100.  Meaning, the following mentioned below have gone OUT OF THEIR WAY TO BE MELICIOUS TO ME and/or deliberately and elaborately lie to me and waste my time.  I am putting this out there to warn others about them.  I do not make this list lightly.  I have many names that could have gone on this list as I have been doing this for over a decade but these names just reflect the last year or so.  I understand life happens.  One would never make it to this list if they booked a session and had to cancel last minute.  I'm human too...I completely understand.  This list only reflects the ill intended, probably crazy, too much time on their hands, lying, hateful, spiteful folk who deliberately want to fuck with someone else's life to get some sort of sick kick off of it.


This list was much needed to be put up.


(JET) Blacklisted!!!  Do Not Waste Your Time With Any Of These.


1.  Chris Perry (also known as Chris O'Dowd - The name will probably continue to change) From UK claims he LOVES the Sleeperhold/Camel clutch combination

Email: codowd41@gmail.com and cpez0182@gmail.com, Phone number provided: 07864997720


2.  Name unknown (was a mubbler) 240-482-7829 (psychopath)


3.  Jeff Gannon from Boston, Phone number 617-492-2037, Email: jphunky55@comcast.net


4.  Ian Zucker, Philadelphia, Email: wawa67@gmail.com, Phone: 732-740-8444


5.  Brian Conway (claimed he worked for "MetLife") 207-929-2082


I wish I didn't have to make a list like this, but it is necessary to put the word out so hopefully their very bad behavior and time wasting stops. 


To all the good people out there, thank you for your support.  See you on the mats. 


Much love and butt kicking...