"How long are your sessions?" 
A: Generally sessions are 1 Hour but we can certainly add on the fun if you like! 
I often do multiple hour sessions so feel free to pick your poison.
"Where are they?"
A: I offer outcall as well as incall.  My incall is a beautiful 3000 SF loft downtown Los Angeles
with very thick mats to play on, lots of mirrors for your voyeur stimulation, Boxing and MMA
gloves, headgear, heavy weight bag (maybe I'll tie you up to it), weight bench (if you want
to watch me work out), and a trapeze/chin up bar that I often play on...remember I'm a former
gymnast. :)  Showers are available afterwards.
"What do you wear to a session?"
A: Usually a bikini, but other options are bra/panty set, lingerie, costumes,
1 piece, tights, garter/stockings, athletic wear, yoga pants....  What are YOUR requests?
"What do I wear?"
A: Something comfortable.  Shorts are fine.                                                           
"How much notice do you need?"
 A: 24 hours is usually good, but I appreciate longer too!
My sessions include, but not necessarily limited to:
  • Fantasy Wrestling (pure and simple-I completely own you and you are put through the arsenal of holds and submissions while I completely dominate you from head to toe)
  • Role-Play (this is a scene that we can play out mixed into the session- Feel free to get creative here.  I LOVE to Role-Play and have lots of fun with it!)
  • Semi Competitive Wrestling (much more resistance on your end where you try to not let me "win"..I will enjoy suprising you).
  • Competitive (case by case basis-I generally only do competitive with someone who is better matched for my height/weight and doesn't have a lot of combat experience)
  • Boxing (fantasy only- I can go as light or hard on you as you wish but I do not allow ANY blows to face or strong blows to belly)
  • Beatdowns (I love these and we can get very creative here.  You unleash ME to do what I want and I will show off my skills kicking your butt from top to bottom!)
  • Ballbusting (Exactly as it sounds.  Kicks, punches, squeezes, tramples, slaps...let's do it!)
  • Spitting
  • Face Slapping/Kicks
  • Hand over Mouth Smother (I'll own you and you will KNOW it.  You breathe when I LET you).
  • Trampling (shoes or barefeet...again, lots of room to get creative!)
  • Foot Worship (My feet are incredibly gorgeous size 7.5 with high arches and perfectly pedicured feet.  I do a lot of foot modeling.  I love working this into the session or having it be the main event!)
  • Pro Wrestling (Fantasy back and forth banter and trading bumps)
  • Bondage/Domination Sessions (Bow to your GODDESS)
  • Submission Pins (Wanna roll around and PIN each other??)
  • Muscle Worship and Posing (Come worship My muscles and admire My TIGHT body).
  • Martial Arts (Grappling style, standing style, pin style, with or without a Gi..you name it!)
  • Tickling (you tickle Me, I tickle you, or a little bit of both!)
  • Smothering/Facesitting/Breath-Mind Control (I'll take your breath away and make you beg to let you breathe!)
  • KO's!  (By request only-I am highly trained and proficient in delivering a very quick, (mostly) painless KO through my technical application of each hold.  It is safe done this way.  My legs are strong enough on their own to make it happen as well as other various types of Triangles and Sleeper holds.  Most KO's actually only last a few seconds from execution to the time you "wake up" but it feels like an eternaty has passed.  What a thrill!).  I do not offer KO via smothering or facesitting.
  • Strictly Scissor Sessions (My Scissors are Famous for a REASON!  I have so much body control when it comes to all the little internal muscles that will pulse around my bigger muscles.  It will start off like a neck massage... then slowly...slowly..."Oh God!"  tap-tap-tap!!!)
  • Leg Jail (This is a scissor scene where I trap you in my scissors for x amount of time and hold you hostage while going about my business such as checking email, texting, reading a magazine, or watching a movie.  You are helpless with nowhere to go.  There is no parole.  The only way to get out is when I get tired and FEEL like setting you free.  Haha).
  • Email, Phone, and Skype Sessions (PERFECT for long distance!  Who said you couldn't see Me if you are on the other side of the world?!)
  • Bondage Wrestling (you are tied up and helpless with nowhere to go as I throw you around at My delight)
  • Custom Video (Fetish and Wrestling) Work
  • Dinner Sessions
Something else in mind??  Let's hear it!  Like I said, I can and will tailor a session like no other.  New to this scene?  That's okay!  I see a lot of newbies.  Give me a general sense of what you would like to do, and trust that I will creatively guide the session.  It will be fun, I promise.  I like fun!
What I am NOT:
-A Prostitute.  Please do not ask for "favors."  I do not offer. **Note: I am currently dealing with an online stalker who is publically trying to slander me and ruin my reputation by calling me a prostitute.  I am NOT nor have I ever. 
-A Clock Watcher.  I would hope that we are having too much fun to be watching the time the whole time!  As I mentioned, I love doing this and it shows!
-A crazy over the top insane competitor that wants to be challenged by a "big strong dude" that has something to prove and truly wants to go head to head with me and want to win.  Dude, I'm 5"4, 117 lbs...let's be real here.
-A racist.  Sorry, no "racial play."  Just not my thing. 
-Negative.  If you have a bad attitude or complain constantly, I don't want to be around you.  No offense. 
What I AM:
-Awesome.  Just sayin. :)
-A Happy Person.  I love life!
-Respectful of YOUR time and well as mine.  I expect the same.
-Funny and light hearted.
-Professional.  I get back to people in a very timely fashion.  (Unless, you send me a retarded one sentence email that simply says...Hey Nikki, I can take you" or something of that nature.  Come on, time respect.  I want to make this an awesome experience for both of us.  Taking the time to write a clear email with your interests with some thought behind it speaks volumes.  Its shows me that you are serious).  If you are, then I will always deliver. 
-Strong, Fit, Athletic, Quick, Creative, Fun, Chatty, Fiesty, Energetic,  Naturally Dominant, Loves to Tease (and get in your head), Fierce, Intuitive, Humanitarian, Animal Loving, Active, Goal Driven, Intelligent, Well traveled, and The Best Session You Will Ever Have. 
Are you up for the FIERCE challenge??  Contact Me for YOUR PRIVATE Session!