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Here are just some thoughts of my more recent happy sessioners!


"I had the pleasure to session with Nikki Fierce on her recent trip to Philadelphia. I'm not a big guy, 5'6" 145# but, I hold my own in most sessions. Not with Nikki!! I was amazed at how much raw power she had on such a petite body! She is known for her legs, but she has very impressive biceps as well! We had a competitive match and I did not win one fall! Along with her surprising strength she adds quickness, and some pretty good wrestling skills! She had a great room for our match, was very generous with time and just great to talk to. Nikki found out what interested me for the session and executed perfectly! I also have to say that I love her body art! I would highly recommend a session with Nikki!"


"Had a session with Nikki Fierce recently and it was the best. I have only had sessions with 3 different ladies and have enjoyed each one. Nikki is attractive, athletic and oh so strong. She worked with me on what I was hoping for with our session and did not disappoint. I would definitely session with her again. She could put me away anytime she wanted but allowed me to try to work out of several holds to extend a submission. This being my first session with her I was hoping it would be fun for me and I was extremely happy with the session. Nikki, thank you so much for all the fun and being so cool when I was OUT. lol Thanks again."


"I had another amazing session with Nikki. Over the past years, Nikki has gotten stronger, more skilled and much more capable of controlling you with her mind and wit and not just her knockout body. Her understanding of the psychology behind sessions is truly unreal. When she has you trapped in one of her many holds where it’s just a matter of time until she decides you need to submit, it’s not simply ‘trash talking’ – it’s carefully thought out dialogue that further pulls you deeper under her spell. She combines that with new holds, and no fear in applying them until you either tap out or pass out. #BetterThanEver"


"I recently had a mixed wrestling session with Nikki Fierce on Tuesday, 3/12/14.  She was very responsive with emails and in coordinating the session.  We had a light semi competitive match.  I was very impressed with Nikki's ability to continuously pin me. Her aggressive maneuvers and strong legs were overpowering.  We wrestled for a continuous hour with no breaks and I found myself in a lot in un-escapable pins.  She has an extremely positive and pleasant personality.  Nikki is a gorgeous woman, highly competitive and accommodating to the type of session you want.  I plan to session with her as often as I can." 

"Nikki is skilled, pretty, friendly, flexible, and as deadly as she is sexy. When we did our session, I thought it was going to be an easy romp - and it was, until she locked her triangle. At that point, she was all evil grins as I tapped for mercy. Better than decent BJJ (solid armbars), very professional (quick replies), and a safe wrestler (left her place with no marks except the smile on my face). Highly recommended."


"I recently had a session with Nikki and all I can say is that if you have the chance to meet up with her, you absolutely MUST do it. Extremely professional on the contact and set-up, she is super attractive and personable. Her role play is amazing and she was able to accommodate my attire request and proceeded to take me "down the rabbit hole" keeping me locked up in stunningly tight scissors and chokes while trash talking all the time. As for her scissors, they are the equal, if not the superior to the top ladies in the industry. You will be devastated -- and enjoy it thoroughly."


"I had asked Nikki to play the heel and not to hold back on me. I thought this might be tough for her, as I had a significant weight advantage. Those doubts were quickly erased as I was quickly taken to the ground and put in the first of many painful holds. Although I was tapping frantically, Nikki refused to release me in typical heel fashion...Armbars are her specialty. I submitted to 7 different varieties, all perfectly executed, leaving me no chance of escape. ...You say you like choke holds? How about 10 different varieties? These could gain an immediate submission but heels don't go for fast submissions....She was the ultimate professional and not a clock watcher. Really into giving me what I requested. "


"I've been KO'd by Nikki countless times.   I'd break the experiences into two groups.   The first is a gentle, unexpected knockout.   Where she slowly, skillfully and deliberately slows the oxygen delivery to your brain and you drift away.  I never really notice it happening - but I do notice that sounds seem to become distant then go silent.   I think of tapping, but there's no pain.   The second is when she's trying to knock you out super quick (think 2-3 seconds) usually in a rear naked choke, a triangle or wicked figure four scissors.  This happens so quickly you can't tap and you panic, trying to free yourself realizing nearly immediately that you can't stop her at all as you try helplessly to pry her away from your neck.  Too late. The panic is mercifully replaced by you becoming unconscious in a few heartbeats.  In either case - waking up for me is always the same.   A slow progression.   It's still black.  I start hearing sounds and am aware only of my severe disorientation.  If I try to move, I fail, or my body convulses slightly.   My vision starts to clear and my ability to focus returns.   The disorientation slowly leaves.  My view of this beautiful face and body somehow calms me as I remember where I am and acknowledge in my mind that the same beautiful face and body just knocked me out.  Her smile is one you'll never forget - after an experience - parts of which you'll never remember."